Donna M Snow

Principal, C Squared Enterprises, San Jose, CA

Who you are

I am a die hard fan of Plone and the Plone community. I was introduced to Plone in 2002 when Plone's version number wasn't even a whole number (Plone 0.9, oh yeah!)  Currently, I run a consulting company in the Bay Area that provides Plone development, skinning, training and hosting. I work with Plone all day, every day.

Why you're interested

I'm striving to improve (with the help of others) the "integrators" experience with Plone. It has improved but it is still not as friendly as it could be for those of us who deal with clients who are using Plone for their intranet, extranet, external website, or web based application (we provide more web based application development with Zope and Plone these days). I represent all those consultants out there who work with every aspect of Plone day in and day out. We can see the potential for Plone in the marketplace but sometimes feel like that lone man in a row boat who dropped both his oars in the water (in the middle of the ocean).  I have a passion for seeing Plone reach the minds and hearts of many more people because it really does deserve the notoriety.

What you think you can add to the Plone Foundation

As was evidenced by my experience at LinuxWorld this past August, 1 out of every 100 people who came up to us at our booth recognized Plone, but that one person wasn't sure what Plone was, only that they'd heard the name. This was at a conference full of people who should have at least "heard" of Plone even if it wasn't the right tool for their project. My goal as a member of this team, is to facilitate a stronger Plone presence overall. This time next year when I'm sitting behind the table at our booth we should have people excited about Plone and how it changed their lives! (ok overkill but you know what I mean) As part of the plone evangelism team I'd like to support and actively participate in getting more of our plonista's presenting at conferences, setting up booth's and getting the word out. World Plone Day is an awesome start in the right direction and as a member of the foundation I'll focus my efforts on building our "brand" in the Open Source industry and helping to improve the integrators experience with Plone.


Most importantly the name(s) of one or more PF members that "second" your nomination: Alex Clark