Darci Hanning

Technology Development Consultant of the Oregon State Library, assisting small and rural public libraries in creating dynamic and useful Plone-based websites ("Plinkit") for themselves and for their patrons. Also known as "darcilicious" on IRC.

Contributions to the community and relevant experience:

I've been involved with the Plone community since 2005 when the Plinkit project  fell into my lap. During the past three years I have participated in and contributed to the Plone community in the following ways:

  • Presented at Plone Conferences 2006-2008
  • Promoted Plone/Plinkit at numerous national conferences including the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Forum 2007, the American Library Association's annual conference (2008), and the upcoming conference on open source in government, GOSCON
  • Served as President of the Plone Foundation for the past year
  • Contributed a chapter to Practical Plone
  • Actively tested and reported bugs for the Plone 3.0 release
  • Co-founded and continue to organize the Portland Plone User's group
  • Been an active member of the Documentation Team by writing individual documents, assisting with the online user's manual,  and providing input to the PHC re-design
  • Assisted with the planning of and attended the DocComm Sprint (June 2007)
  • Provided assistance on IRC
  • Attended the Virtual Documentation Sprint (Feb 2006)

Additionally, I have been providing leadership (both strategic and technical) to the Plinkit Collaborative, a multi-state partnership responsible for deploying Plinkit in over eight states and for the strategic planning and marketing of Plinkit.

Interests in serving on the board include:

  • Continuing to promote Plone in multiple arenas related to open source software,  library technology, and beyond
  • Helping the board to define goals, set realistic objectives, and actively contribute towards those goals and objectives
  • Supporting projects and tasks that will help the Plone Foundation generate income
  • Assisting in any improvement processes around the planning and release activities for Plone

Nomination seconded by:  Jon Stahl and Geir Bækholt