Alex Clark

Long time Plone user and consultant - President of ACLARK.NET, LLC - Plone Conference 2008 Organizer - ZPUGDC events coordinator - infrastructure team member.

Who you are


Why you're interested

My recent experience as the organizer of Plone Conference 2008 has got me interested in the following things:

    • Improving the transparency and professionalism of the Plone Foundation.
    • Raising money for the Plone Foundation.
    • Empowering the Plone Foundation to do more, including:
      • Take an active role in planning annual conferences, symposiums, and world events.
      • Bridge the gap between Python and Plone (i.e. continuing to make Plone more 'Pythonic').
      • Push the agenda of 'Plone the product' and help distinguish it from 'Plone the web application framework.'


What you think you can add to the Plone Foundation

    • I am tirelessly enthusiastic about Plone.
    • I have spent the last 5 years studying the software, community, and processes.
    • I have excellent communication skills.
    • I have the vision, direction, and motivation to help make Plone and the Plone Foundation the best they can be in 2009 and beyond. Specifically, I can help:
      • Improve the hosting infrastructure.
      • Help 2009 conference planners succeed in their efforts to host the 'Best. Plone Conference. Ever.'
      • Cheer lead the Plone Foundation agenda on IRC, news items, mailing lists.
      • Make it easier to find 'public facing' information about the Plone Foundation, e.g. meeting notes, votes, resolutions, etc. via improvement of
      • Generate enthusiasm and buzz over foundation activities.
      • and much, much more!


Most importantly, the name(s) of one or more PF members that "second" your nomination

    • Joel Burton
    • Matt Bowen