Board Nominations

The Plone Foundation is now accepting nominations for its Board of Directors.

We will be holding elections for the Plone Foundation's board of directors at our Vienna meeting *(note: members will not have to be present to vote*). The foundation has open elections for board members, and serving on the foundation board is a great way to help the community. Seven of the nine board seats will be up for election. Board seats are held for one year. (For information on why only seven of nine seats are in candidacy, please see "Board Special Seats": Responsibilities Board duties include: * Interest in and aptitude for organizational work. * Attending and participating in board meetings. These are currently held once a week, though this may change to become less frequent once the foundation is more established. * Serving on a board committee. * Communicating the work of the board to the membership and community at large. There are no particular qualifications to become a board member. In particular, you do **not** have to be a foundation member. How to nominate yourself To nominate yourself, do the following: 1. "Add a board nomination document": **(hey, wait, before you do this and clutter up our ZODB with yet-another-unfinished nomination: if you're clicking this link because you're curious what a board nomination doc looks like: it looks just like a normal Document. It's a free form type for you to fill in.)** 2. In it, outline your candidacy. Explain why you think you should be voted for. You may wish to provide an email address to answer any questions people may have about your candidacy, but this is not required. 3. In order to be a candidate, you **must** have a foundation member second your nomination. You can see the list of foundation members at "/foundation/members":/foundation/members. Please list the seconding member on your candidacy document, and ask your seconding member to email Paul at "" a short note confirming that they second your nomination. 4. When you're satisfied with your listing, submit it for publication. Once Paul has received your seconding, it will be approved, and you will be on the list of candidates for election. Candidacy statements will be listed on the foundation site, and will be available to all foundation members to use to help them decide who to vote for as board members. Election Schedule Sat, September 11 midnight GMT+1 - Tue, September 21, in the foundation meeting -- Nominations should be completed and posted. The public and foundation members will view completed nominations, and can ask candidates for clarifications on positions and qualifications. People that do not submit their nomination by the end of this period will **not** be eligible to appear on the candidate's list unless the nominate themselves are seconded, in person, at the foundation meeting on the 21st. Monday, September 20, midnight GMT+1 - Tuesday, September 21, in the foundation meeting -- Voting is open to all foundation members. Winners will be annouced at the close of the foundation meeting. *(Please note all times are GMT+1, the local time zone of the conference in Vienna)* If you have any questions, please contact Paul Everitt at "" Good luck!