Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2013-01-24



  • attendance
  • approval of the minutes of January 10
    + check if action items were followed up

New Business


  • Incoming correspondence:
    - funding request Plone Symposium Midwest
    - funding request CMS Garden
    - check if contract with Chase has been cancelled
  • possible domain name guidelines violation
  • PyCON USA preparations
  • schwag production for Tokyo Plone Edu event
  • policy on US-based sprint funding
  • World Plone Day

Old business


  • PLOG funding request
  • Barcelona funding request
  • Budget creating progress (2013 + long-term proposals), and fundraising
  • Marketing Committee report
  • progress/discussion
  • Sponsorship advertisement placement
  • further discussion: plone-users complaints
  • discussion: CC licensing of content on