Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-12-29


  • Attendance
  • Approve minutes for board meeting, December 15th 2011

Old business

  • ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
    • Update from Matt about the cost of renewing/transferring this trademark (Matt)
  • OASIS WCMS standard (Geir/Matt)
  • Plone Conference 2012 call (Erico)
  • Plone Foundation seat in Europe (Matt)
  • Plone.Org cleanup of committees and teams information (Maurizio)
  • Plone mailing lists (Maurizio)
  • Marketing team news item (Matt)
  • Checking Account signatory form
  • CMS Expo revised funding request

New business

  • Renewing NTEN benefits approve by last board. Still want to renew?
  • SSL renewed by Steve M
  • Putting teams on not in foundation area