Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-11-17


  • Attendance
  • Approve minutes for board meeting, October 20th 2011
  • Approve minutes for annual membership meeting, November 4th, 2011
  • Appoint officers for new board term 2011-2012 (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer)

Old business

  • ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
    • Update from Matt about the cost of renewing/transferring this trademark (Matt)
  • Security Announcement Process
    • Status of documenting the process for handling these events (Jon)
    • Status of Announce mailing list (Jon)
  • Invitation to Plone to join OSI
    • Follow up on message to membership (Geir)
  • Copyright assignment, and
    • Follow up on status of FAQ draft (Jon)

New business

  • Appoint advisory board members
  • Steps to be taken for organizing the next conference
  • Appoint a liason to the admin team (,, …)
  • Contributors agreements
  • Define tasks of the Treasurer