Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-10-06


Old business

  • ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
    • Update from Matt about the cost of renewing/transferring this trademark

New business

  • Security Announcement Process
    • Status of documenting the process for handling these events
  • Invitation to Plone to join OSI
    • Would the Plone Foundation wants to explore becoming an OSI Affiliate
  • Copyright assignment, and
    • 1. What is the assignment status of a package checked into even if it contains a Plone Foundation copyright notice?
      2. (How) could there ever be a migration path for a package in collective (either svn or github) into a plone.* package in such that there is clean assignment of copyright interest to the Foundation assuming the provenance of all commits is from folks with contributor agreements?
      3. Does have the blessing of the Foundation in the sense that contributions there are assigned because they are explicitly intended to become part of the work "Plone" (whether they do or not, just like
      4. What code repositories should ongoing improvement work be committed to and still be clean from an assignment perspective?