Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-09-08


Old business

  • ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
    • Update from Matt about the cost of renewing/transferring this trademark
  • Possible trademark abuse
    • Review next steps needed and put in place plan to respond to complaint
  • Conference Anti-Harassment Policy
    • We need to send the recommendation made to the membership.
  • Allocation of the Real Story Group report licenses
    • We need the current status of getting these to the right people
  • Plone Job Board
    • Review a spec by Jon for a bounty mission implementing the proposed
      job board for Plone.
  • Domain name issue
    • New update on old issue

New business

  • Transfer to Foundation
    • Groundwire currently holds this domain and is interested in transferring it to us.
  • Authorize payment to Eric Steele
    • Need to authorize this payment to Eric or PSU
  • Appoint a new "votebot" for the upcoming election
    • Our current "votebot" has stepped down and outlined the process for conducting the elections. We will need to choose a successor.