Agenda, Plone Foundation Board Meeting 2011-08-25

by Calvin Hendryx-Parker published 2016/04/30 03:38:55 GMT+0, last modified 2016-04-30T00:36:15+00:00


Old business

  • ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer
    • Update from Matt about the cost of renewing/transfering this trademark
  • Possible trademark abuse
    • Review next steps needed and put in place plan to respond to complaint
  • Conference Anti-Harassment Policy
    • Review draft created by Mark for recommendation to the membership.

New business

  • Selection of new Secretary
    • Steve will be stepping down as secretary and we will need a new secretary to finish his term.
  • Plone Job Board
    • A few organizations have expressed interest in their being a job board on and it could make a good bounty mission.