Agenda, Plone foundation board meeting 2010-11-11


  • Attendance
  • Approve minutes Minutes for annual membership meeting, October 27th, 2010
  • Appoint officers for new board term 2010-2011 (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer)
  • Appoint advisory board members?

Old business

  • Domain acquisition progress?
  • Posting the diversity statement on
  • Fundraising /sponsorship note to members

  • Trademark issue (closed session)

New business

  • Diazo ownership and licensing
  • Sponsorship request (EESTEC Neoplanta sprint)
  • Creation of events calendar for foundation-sponsored events
  • Guidelines for hosting User Group websites on
  • Plone tuneup awards?
  • Approval of standard boilerplate text about Plone and Plone Foundation for inclusion on all Plone press releases.
  • Recording the e-mail vote on the 3.x release manager.
  • Committers/contributor agreement auditing  (how can we make sure all committers have signed the agreement? Is our process solid enough?)
  • Hardware needed?