Agenda, March 5, 2009




Agenda Items

Membership Committee Update (Darci) redesign update (Alex)

Quick update on FOWABE EU/Zea project (Geir)

World Plone Day (Roberto)

Any board support or action needed?


Practical Plone book mailing reimbursement to Veda Williams (Jon)

total was $111.96, but we'd only approved $75.  (Mailing books Down Under and to Europe is surprisingly expensive.) 


Do we want to order any copies of Practical Plone for thank yous, gifts, etc? (Jon)

Jon is going make a small order for a few authors, could add a few for the foundation


Relicensing Conversation (Jon, Geir)

Quick discussion of draft relicensing policy, approve it for distribution to Membership and discussion.  Then schedule an advisory vote.


Marketing Committee Checkin (Nate)

Recent activity, any needs for board action or funds?


Consolidating Plone domain registration accounts (Geir)

Stuff is a bit scattered across multiple accounts.  We need to centralize so we can handle various domains that people want to transfer.  Do we need to do anything about DNS hosting?