Agenda, February 5, 2009





New members (Darci)

 have they been notified, workflowed on and added to the list?  Announcement on

Marketing Committee Reboot (Nate)


New Business

Donation from Open Eye Consulting + Client (Jon)

Per email that came in this morning.

  Likely no action needed.


Renewal of domains (Nate)

Per Nate's email, he's renewed,, and would like us to reimburse and have the Foundation assume ownership of the domains.  We'll need to decide whether to do this, and who will coordinate the transfer.

Discuss final draft of hosting contract (Geir, Jon)

Seems like only remaining issue is to lock down recognition agremeent (also need to consider, design effort from Netsight, etc.)

Discussion: Financial value of our trademarks (Geir)

Xavier Heymans has suggested that we research whether we can assign a financial value to our trademarks and recognize that on our books in order to more accurately report the true holistic financial strength of the Foundation.  Discuss whether we want to spend some resources to pursue this research through our accountant + Toby.

Continue licensing discussions (Jon, Geir)

Key questions

  • Can/should we "correct" licenses in Martin's projects per Hanno's suggestion? 
  • Progress on effort to poll membership (Geir)
  • Identify needed clarifications to licensing FAQ (e.g. all new code written in the Plone core repo must be GPL, authors don't get to choose), assign responsibility for doing this.
  • Discuss possible procedures around selective relicensing to figure out what processes would be feasible, if the membership wants to head this way