Agenda, October 30, 2008

Routine housekeeping

 Minutes approval, etc.


1-minute updates

World Plone Day - Nate? domain re-registration/consolidation and SSL certificate - Alex

Logo usage guidelines - Nate/Matt

Attendance policy - Jon

Advisory Board - Geir (?)

(open for anyone with something to report)


Meat and Potatoes


Membership Committee Reboot


Discuss Membership Committee process/procedure and how to improve with stronger board leadership.

We'll want to discuss performance standards, board champion/chair, ideas for committee members, improved documentation of merit criteria, etc.

2009 Conference Selection Process

Homework: please skim both Barcelona and Budapest proposals before our meeting!

In meeting: need to assign "due diligence" teams to each proposal (2-3 people) to review proposal, identify any questions, followup with the conference teams, and generally get the proposals ready for presentation to the community by Nov. 15


New Business