Agenda, October 23, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting agenda for October 23



Review/approval of last meeting minutes



1-minute checkins on last week's action items


  • Steve, Alex: domain re-registration/transfer and SSL certificate purchase
  • Darci: Quickbooks
  • Nate: WPD ad followup with Roberto
  • Nate: WPD slide deck
  • Jon: Packt Practical Plone book contract
  • Matt/Nate: Clarified logo usage guidelines


New business



Advisory board

Per our (excellent!) email discussion, we should make a proposal to invite Luciano and Roberto to serve on a new Plone Foundation Advisory board, and have some discussion of the expectations/rules we set around this.

Trademark Renewal (Geir)

We have some recommendations from Dave Powsner to discuss.


Conference 2009

Proposals due October 24th, two weeks for Foundation "due dilegence" then community voting.  We need to have a board member step forward to manage this process.  See for details on schedule.

New attendance policy

Jon will present and we can discuss/approve. 


Check signers

Current authorized signers on the main bank account are Toby and Darci.  Do we want/need to change this?


Membership Committee Reboot

Discuss Membership Committee process/procedure and how to improve with stronger board leadership.