Agenda, November 20, 2008


Minutes approval


Two-minute Updates

2009 Conference selection process (Jon) hosting proposal (SteveM)

Nonprofit Software Development Summit report (Nate)



Meat and Potatoes

Advisory board (Geir, Jon) (5 minutes)

Ready for a motion to form an advisory board with two initial members.


Attendance Policy Resolution (Jon) (5 minutes)

Jon to present draft language for adoption as a policy resolution.


PloneGov update (10 minutes)

Report on any new developments w/r/t PloneGov domains.


Reforming a Bylaws Committee (Steve) (10 minutes)

Where we've been; discuss and next steps.



Marketing Committee Reboot (Nate) (15 minutes)

Update, next steps, discussion?

We can push this forward if we don't have enough time to do it justice here.