Agenda, November 13, 2008

1-minute updates

  • World Plone Day (Nate)
  • domain re-registration/consolidation and SSL certificate (SteveM)
  • Advisory board members (Geir, Jon)
  • sponsorship plan (Jon)


Ongoing Business

2009 Conference selection process (SteveM, Jon, Matt, Geir)

  • action item: decide which of our two proposals to bring forward to community vote/discussion, process for doing so. Hosting (Geir)

A brief report on Wichert's evaluation of 6FeetUp's hosting proposal, questions and comments from the board. (Geir, Jon)

Discussion of issues w/r/t use of PloneGov-related domains.


Attendance Policy Resolution (Jon)

Jon to present draft language for adoption as a policy resolution.


IP Committee Update (?) (Geir)

Any updates on various threads of pending work.


New Business

Bring it on! :-)