Agenda, July 31, 2008

  • Finalize and approve proposed agenda
  • Review, approve and publish 7/10/2008 meeting minutes
  • Officer reports (President, Secretary, Treasurer)

  • Committee reports (below)

  • Old business (below)

  • New business (below)

  • Next scheduled meeting: Aug 7, 2008.


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee (Darci)

  • Status update


Trademark / IP Committee (Geir)

  • Status report


Marketing Committee

  • Brand audit status
  • Site re-design status (Alex)


By-laws Work Group (Jon, Steve, Darci)

  •  Status update


Content Policy Work Group (Steve)

  • Status update


Old Business


Plone Conference 2008 Planning

  • Status update
  • Next drop-dead date: 


Sponsorship Plan for (Jon)

  • Status update


Sprint Kit section on

  • Status update Infrastructure (Jon)

  • Jon/Joel update


Release Manager Policy:

  • Update on regarding number of "supported" versions (Joel)


New Business

  • Invoice Plone trademark transfer Brazil -- approve payment
  • Free Plone stickers for Conference 2008