Agenda, Jan 17, 2008

  • Finalize and approve proposed agenda
  • Approve and publish 1/3/2008 meeting minutes
  • Officer reports (President, Secretary, Treasure)

  • Committee reports (below)

  • Old business (below)

  • New business (below)

  • Review all new action items (who does what by when)
  • Next scheduled meeting: Jan 31, 2008.


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee (Darci)

  • Action Items:
    • Review membership application queue
  • Report: status on membership approval process (Geir and Darci)


Trademark / IP Committee (Geir)

  • What's the status of the Trademark committee page/folder? (e.g. has necessary content from this been incorporated into the Trademark/IP page/folder?)
  • Report: status on potential trademark infringement from a commercial software company (legal advice on our options)
    • Currently two possible infringements
    • Minor infractions (content farming)


Marketing Committee (Nate)

  • Brand audit update
  • General status update 


By-laws Work Group (Joel)

  •  Status update


Strategic Planning Work Group (Jon/Alex)

  • Process on how to allocate funds to sponsor travel costs for deserving participants?
  • General status update


Content Policy Work Group (Steve)

  •  Status update

Hiatus until February


Old Business Visual Re-design Project (Alex)

  • Status update

Hiatus until February


Discussion on Sponsorship Plan for (Jon)

  • Getting feedback:
    • Random choices from (?) - reach beyond the core.
    • Alex will help Jon to identify.
  • Discuss proposed expense budget.

PloneGov (Jon)

  • Was Xavier contacted regarding board's decision to approve use?

Allocating Foundation funds for Sprints (Nate)

  • Process and criteria draft

Update on Zope 2 on Python 2.5 (Jon) [postponed]

  • Note: this item will become higher in priority after the Strategic Planning even in February. Next steps will include:
    • Confirm Wichert's role
    • Identify cost and scope (Jon, Wichert, and Martijn)
    • Start fund raising using the bounty approach
    • Go forth and implement!


New Business

  1. Getting and transferred (see 11/11 email Subject: transfer of .mx domain names to Plone Foundation from  Hector)


Next meeting

  • Next scheduled meeting: Jan 31, 2008.