Agenda, Nov 29, 2007

  • Finalize and approve proposed agenda
  • Approve and publish 11/8/2007 meeting minutes
  • Officer reports (President, Secretary, Treasure (see October Financial emails))

  • General committee and project committee business (below)
  • Committee reports (below)

  • Old business (below)

  • New business (below)

  • Review all new action items (who does what by when)
  • Next scheduled meeting: Dec 13, 2007.


General Committee and Project Committee Business

  • Discuss/approve proposed Committee, Project Committee, and membership by-laws changes (Steve)
  • Discuss/approve proposal to dissolve existing committees and reinstate under approved by-laws changes (Darci)


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee

  •  Proposal to approve the following as committee members:
    • Geir Bækholt, Godefroid Chapelle, Hanno Schlichting, Chris Calloway, Tom "Spanky" Kapanka, Dorneles Treméa, Darci Hanning
  • Proposal that Geir Bækholt chair the membership committee; otherwise nominate/select chair?
  • [Done: Current list of applicants that need to be processed (received, see 11/20 email from Geir)]
  • Proposal to accept (previous) Membership Committee's recommendations on outstanding applications (see 11/20 email from Geir)
    • Eight applicants recommended for approval
    • Two applicants not recommended for approval
  • Process outstanding emeritus membership reinstatement requests and set procedure for future requests.
  • Assign someone to update
  • Report: status on membership approval process (Geir and Darci)


Trademark / IP Committee

  • Proposal to approve the following as committee members:

  • Nominations for and selection of chair
  • Report: status on potential trademark infringement from a commercial software company (legal advice on our options).
  • Assign someone to combine and update: and


Marketing Committee

  •  Is there a board member willing to take this on? Or shall it be shelved indefinitely? Or ?


By-laws Work Group (Joel)

  •  Status update


Old Business

Re-affirm Plone Foundation Mission (Jon)

  • ( updated with this? -Darci)


Update on Zope 2 on Python 2.5 (Geir/Nate)

  • Communication to Martijn?
  • Discuss the state of the bounty program proposal and how it might be adapted to this project


Discussion on Sponsorship Plan for (Jon)

  • Discuss current draft submitted by Jon (see 11/21 email)


New Business

Release Manager Payment

  • Approve final payment to Release Manager for Plone 3.0 release


Brand Audit Project (Nate)

  • Should the Plone Foundation hire a group to conduct a brand audit? What ever became of the pro-bono branding/marketing work that Porter Novelli was offering the foundation? Does the offer still stand?