Agenda, Dec 13, 2007

  • Finalize and approve proposed agenda
  • Approve and publish 11/29/2007 meeting minutes
  • Officer reports (President, Secretary, Treasure)

  • Committee reports (below)

  • Old business (below)

  • New business (below)

  • Review all new action items (who does what by when)
  • Next scheduled meeting: Dec 27, 2007 -- this is the week of Christmas, do we want to reschedule for Jan 3 instead?


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee (Darci)

  • Action Items:
    • Notify new members of membership committee
    • Take Gaël Pasgrimaud's membership application back to membership committee for reconsideration
    • Update membership committee page on
  • Report: status on membership approval process (Geir and Darci)


Trademark / IP Committee (Geir, Paul)

  • Action Items:
    • Approve following for  Trademark/IP Committee membership
    • Communicate to Paul the Board's desire for a short memo about the Dave Powsner legal proposal, enough info for us to feel that we know who Dave is and have done due diligence on the idea that he is a good person to represent us.
    • Update IP committee page on  Delete Trademark committee page.
  • Report: status on potential trademark infringement from a commercial software company (legal advice on our options)
    • Currently two possible infringements


Marketing Committee (Nate)

  • Status update


By-laws Work Group (Joel)

  •  Status update


Old Business Visual Re-design Project (Limi)

  • Status update


Update on Zope 2 on Python 2.5 (Geir/Nate)

  • Status update: Jon was to contact Wichert
  • Next steps?


Discussion on Sponsorship Plan for (Jon)

  • Discuss current draft submitted by Jon (see 11/21 email)


New Business

Brand Audit Project (Nate)

  • Should the Plone Foundation hire a group to conduct a brand audit? What ever became of the pro-bono branding/marketing work that Porter Novelli was offering the foundation? Does the offer still stand?


Who from the Foundation signs Contributor Assignment Agreement documents

  • Note: on 12/6 via email, Darci authorized Toby to sign and return a copy of the CAA as requested by PSU.