Agenda, Mar 09 2006

Meeting time: 08:00 AM Pacific time

Agenda Items

1) Approve and publish previous minutes from Jan 29 2006.

2) Approve agenda.

3) Officer reports.

4) Committee reports (below).

5) Old business (below).

6) New business (below).

7) Review newly-discussed action items.

8) Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports





Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Trademark Committee

Marketing Committee


Ad hoc group: Funding Press Releases

Old Business

  1. (Paul and Joel) Get Toby the papers he needs for signature. (Done)
  2. (Joel) Ping Godefroid for membership update on the queue.
  3. (Joel) Send a note setting up a fundraising chat.
  4. (Munwar) Send note to community to start the fundraising group. (Done)
  5. (Paul) Get with Alex and Jackie to send out the "bids for conference" email. (Done)

New Business

  1. (Munwar) Plone Fundraising idea - "Plone Foundation Sponsor Members".  Shall
    we invite members for $2000+ per year sponsorship?  I already sent you
    all a detailed mail about this earlier (referring to Python Software
  2. (Munwar) Define scope of activities for "Fundraising committee".  What should
    we do and most important what we should never do.
  3. (Alex) Get the board's blessing to spend some money to promote Plone at the Boston LinuxWorld (Nate has already volunteered to head up the organization for it)