Agenda, Jan 19 2006

Meeting time: 08:00 AM Pacific time

Agenda Items

1) Approve and publish previous minutes from Dec 01 2005.

2) Approve agenda.

3) Officer reports.

4) Committee reports (below).

5) Old business (below).

6) New business (below).

7) Review newly-discussed action items.

8) Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports





Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Trademark Committee

Marketing Committee


Ad hoc group: Funding Press Releases

Old Business

1) (Joel) Setup licensing committee and turn off IP committee.

2) (Paul) Publish the minutes. (Done)

3) (Toby) Send Joel a recommendation on second signature.

4) (Paul) Send Andrew Hatton's status report. (Done)

5) (Joel) Send Toby a piece of paper saying he's a real officer.

6) (Joel) Send plonenet mailing list the board planning session's ideas on pricing model.

7) (Jackie) Work with Paul and Toby on a policy for press releases, funding, and countries.

8) (Jodok) Propose a policy by the next board meeting concerning how the PF handles conference planning and the relationship.

9) (Alex) Identify a volunteer for managing new contributor access.

New Business

  1. (Paul) Vote on marketing team's positioning document.