Agenda, Dec 01 2005

Meeting time:

08:00 AM Pacific time

Agenda Items 1) Approve and publish

previous minutes from Oct 27

. 2) Approve agenda. 3) Officer reports. 4) Committee reports (below). 5) Old business (below). 6) New business (below). 7) Review newly-discussed action items. 8) Set time for next meeting. Officer Reports President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Committee Reports Membership Committee Trademark Committee Marketing Committee Fundraising Ad hoc group: Funding Press Releases Old Business 1) (Joel) Setup licensing committee and turn off IP committee. 2) (Paul) Set deadlines for skin (Partially done, wireframe sent to Abstract Edge). 3) (Paul) Announce marketing committee motion (Done). 4) (Alan) Provide the board a 2.2 roadmap with dates and features, and a recommendation whether this release is time-based or feature-based. New Business 1) (Paul) Relationshp b/w PF and conferences. 2) (Paul) Decide on process for approving committer access. Via note from Wiggy.