Agenda, August 25 2005

Meeting time:

17:00 European Time

Agenda Items 1) Approve and publish

previous minutes from June 23

. 2) Approve agenda. 3) Officer reports. 4) Committee reports (below). 5) Old business (below). 6) New business (below). 7) Review newly-discussed action items. 8) Set time for next meeting. Officer Reports President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Committee Reports Membership Committee IP Committee Trademark Committee Marketing Committee Old Business None, general amnesty given for action items. New Business The first few items are highest priority, since Robert isn't available next week. We have some specific things to do related to the PF at the Plone Conf. 1) Schedule member meeting. 2) Get nominations for new board. 3) Plan elections. 4) Proper notices and Mark's point about membership renewal. (Our bylaws require everyone to renew membership annually or go on emeritus status.) 5) Meeting scheduled for newly-elected board. Other agenda items as time is available. Let's be careful not to make this a long call. 6) (Limi) LinguaPlone donation to PF. 7) (Limi) Trademark committee reorganization and policies. 8) (Limi) Membership approvals. 9) (Limi) Packt Publishing royalties. 10) (Limi) Hosting situation