Agenda, June 23 2005

Meeting time:

10:00 AM EST

Agenda Items 1) Approve and publish

previous minutes from May 26

. 2) Approve agenda. 3) Officer reports. 4) Committee reports (below). 5) Old business (below). 6) New business (below). 7) Review newly-discussed action items. 8) Set time for next meeting. Officer Reports President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Committee Reports Membership Committee IP Committee Trademark Committee Marketing Committee Old Business 1) (Mark) Set up time to approve memberships. 2) (Geoff) Find out what we are supposed to do with our minutes. Do we have to file them somewhere? 3) (Geoff) Generate attendance stats. DONE 4) (Alan) Put together Word document, Open Office document with letterhead and address. 5) (Geoff) Put Enfold's address on Foundation page. DONE 6) (Geoff) Get list of names and addresses of foundation members to Robert. DONE 7) (Geoff) Send out item on list to find out when good meeting times are. DONE New Business 1) Email sent to Paul: "We have made a small installation of Plone for a portal site. Please advise about a suggested donation to the Foundation. Please also tell me where we should send the donation." 2) Discuss board attendance.