Agenda, May 26 2005

Meeting time:

10:00 AM EST

Agenda Items 1) Approve and publish

previous minutes from May 12

. 2) Approve agenda. 3) Officer reports. 4) Committee reports (below). 5) Old business (below). 6) New business (below). 7) Review newly-discussed action items. 8) Set time for next meeting. Officer Reports President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Committee Reports Membership Committee IP Committee Trademark Committee Marketing Committee Old Business 1) (Mark) Send PACKT wiring info. 2) (Geoff) Put fax number on foundation page. 3) (Mark) Send Geoff/Joel membership applications and schedule a meeting. 4) (Jodok) Contributor stats. 5) (Alex) Talk to George about domains. 6) (Paul) Ask Robert for the final dates on PloneCon. 7) (Geoff) Form a proposal for handling board members that don't participate. 8) (Alan) Ping Fabiano about conference. 9) (Alex) Have the trademark committee make a conference policy. _______________________________________________ New Business 1) (Geoff) Proposal on board absenteeism. Every 3 months, the secretary will assemble a list of directors who have been absent for more than half the meetings in the previous 3 months. We will then have a board vote on replacing the members on the list. Advance notification of absences and arranging for a substitute will be considered as mitigating factors. The default slate of replacements will the set of candidates from the last board election who received the most votes but were not elected to the board, but the current board may alter this set of replacements by majority vote. 2) (Robert) Fix date for physical board meeting due the conference Last year we decided that we will have an annual meeting of the board members due the conference. Now the conference date is fix, so we should fix the meeting date also.