Sponsorship Payments

It's easy to become a sponsor of the Plone Foundation and receive recognition here on Plone.org!

Online payments via PayPal

The recommended way to support the Plone Foundation is by a recurring monthly sponsorship payment via PayPal. This is predictable  for both the sponsor and for the foundation. 

These recurring sponsorship payments will be charged monthly and run until explicitly terminated. 

Thanks for your support!

Small firm
Small firm
Standard : $41.67 USD - monthly Premium : $125.00 USD - monthly
Medium firm
Medium firm
Standard : $125.00 USD - monthly Premium : $375.00 USD - monthly
Large firm
Large firm
Standard : $208.33 USD - monthly Premium : $625.00 USD - monthly
Single payment

It is also possible to pay directly for one single year, non-recurring. With this option, your sponsorship will expire after one year and you will have to renew manually.

Standard, small firm $500.00 USD Standard, medium firm $1,500.00 USD Standard, large firm $2,500.00 USD Premium, small firm $1,500.00 USD Premium, medium firm $4,500.00 USD Premium, large firm $7,500.00 USD

Sponsorship payments via Ammado

Ammado is the best choice if you want to sponsor in non-US currencies and local payment systems. A wide range of currencies and payment options like debit cards, direct banking and others are supported. If you wish to sponsor in a non-US (or Canadian) currency, Ammado has better exchange rates than either your credit card company or PayPal.


We can accept payments via check, which saves us PayPal's ~3% processing costs.  Please make checks payable to "Plone Foundation" and mail to:

Plone Foundation
PO Box 431
Fishers, IN 46038

 Please include the following pieces of information:

  • Your name
  • Your firm's name
  • Your firm's address
  • Your firm's email address

And be sure to indicate which Plone.org provider listing you'd like recognized as a sponsor!


Wire transfer

We can also accept payments via wire transfer.  Please contact Jen Myers, Plone Foundation Treasurer at treasurer@plone.org in order to arrange a wire transfer.


Receipts and Invoices

We'll issue a receipt for all payments.  If you need an invoice in advance, please contact Jen Myers, Plone Foundation Treasurer at treasurer@plone.org.