Plone domain consolidation effort

Gathering all Plone-related domain names under Plone foundation ownership and protection.

As Plone has grown from a small spare-time project to one of the most successful software projects of its type in the world, many of the people making out the great Plone community have helped Plone prosper by registering domain names for websites for user groups, regional Plone work and other specific Plone efforts.

The Plone Foundation is extremely grateful for all work and money invested in this, and wants to thank all local communities, companies, user groups and individuals that have contributed to this over the years.

Thanks to sponsorships from the community, both organisations and individuals, the Plone Foundation is able to maintain these domains on its own.

As an investment in the future and our trademark rights, the Plone Foundation is now running an effort to  consolidate Plone domains under Plone Foundation ownership. This will let domains stay active beyond the interest and involvement of volunteers - and reduce costs for individual Plone groups.

Note: This does not mean that you should rush out and buy new domain names with "Plone" in them. But if you already own a user group domain or similar related to Plone, and want to make sure it stays active beyond your involvement, contact us about it.

Request from the Foundation to all Plone community members:

If you, your user group or organisation control/own a Plone-related domain name, please send an email to board at to notify the Plone Foundation of its existence.