Plone Foundation Board for 2008-2009

  • Jon Stahl (Seattle, Washington, USA) - President - Jon Stahl works at ONE/Northwest, a nonprofit organization that provides technology and communications strategy assistance to environmental nonprofits. Since 2005, ONE/Northwest has launched over 150 Plone sites, hosted Plone Conference 2006, and is an active contributor to the Plone community. This is Jon's second term on the board.

  • Geir Bækholt (Tønsberg, Norway) - Vice-President - Geir Bækholt is managing director of Jarn (the Norwegian Plone consultancy formerly known as Plone Solutions). He is has been part of Plone since its inception, and does both software development and organisational work and manages the multinational team of Plone core developers that make out the Jarn crew. He arranged the 2006 Archipelagosprint and assisted in the planning of the Plone Conference 2007. This is Geir's third term on the Plone Foundation board.

  • Nate Aune (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) - Nate is the founder and president of Jazkarta, a Plone solutions provider with an international team of project managers, developers and designers. Nate founded the Plone4Artists project which has produced a suite of multimedia and community add-ons for Plone. He also has organized numerous developer sprints in Vienna, San Francisco and Boston. This is Nate's third term.

  • Matt Hamilton (Bristol, UK) - Technical Director, Netsight Internet Solutions a Plone development company based in Bristol, UK.  He is generally involved in Plone consulting on scalability, authentication and integration of Plone in the enterprise.  He organised the Plone performance sprint in Bristol in 2008.  Matt also served on the founding board of the Plone Foundation.

  • Darci Hanning (Oregon, USA) - Currently, I'm the Technology Development Consultant at the Oregon State Library -- which means I help (primarily public) libraries with technology and technology-related activities. To that end, my major role is Project Coordinator for Oregon's Plinkit project, a statewide effort to provide small public libraries with cool, dynamic, and information rich websites based on Plone.  This is Darci's second term on the board.

  • Alexander Limi (San Francisco, California, USA) - Alexander Limi is one of Plone's original founders, and combines the kind of good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, and raw animal magnetism that only come from writing his own biography. He works at Mozilla in Mountain View, California. Limi is the all-hands person in the Plone project, and is also responsible for keeping the user experience and visual layout consistent and easy to use — as well as herding the cats known as the Plone community.  He has served on the Plone Foundation board since its inception in 2004.

  • Steve McMahon (Davis, California, USA) - Secretary - Steve is a partner in Reid-McMahon, LLC, a Plone consultancy specializing in work with non profits. He also does extensive volunteer work with the Davis Community Network.  This is Steve's second term on the board.

Non-voting member

  • Toby Roberts (Houston, Texas, USA) - Treasurer - Toby works at Enfold Systems, a Plone consulting firm.  He has served as the Plone Foundation Treasurer since 2004.

Advisory Board Members

  • Roberto Allende (Cordoba, Argentina) - Roberto is a Plone trainer and commercial manager of Menttes, a Plone consulting firm that provides development, support and training in South America and Worldwide. He is a Plone activist, the cofounder of Plone Cono Sur user group, the South American contact for PloneGov and he made contributions to the CommunesPlone project. He was the creator and champion of World Plone Day 2008.

  • Joel Burton (San Francisco, California, USA) - Joel is one of the Plone community's best-known trainers and consultants, is a past president of the Plone Foundation and has served several terms on the board of directors. Joel's historical knowledge of Plone, the Plone Foundation and the Plone community are invaluable.

  • Mark Corum (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA) - Mark works at the University of Virginia, where he is involved in web development, design and instruction. His background includes marketing for some of America's largest companies, dozens political campaigns, and stints as a journalist, research engineer, consultant and graphic designer.

  • Xavier Heymans (Brussels, Belgium) - As CEO of Zea Partners, Xavier manages the operations, strategy, and partner relations of this worldwide association of Plone consulting firms. Xavier is also involved with the Plone Foundation's Trademark & IP Committee. Specializing in management and active in open source since 2002, Xavier has an expertise in the organizational challenges facing SMEs to deliver professional solutions based on an open source shared technology.  Xavier is active in promoting the use of Plone in the government sector through the PloneGov project, and will serve as the Plone Foundation's representative to the EU Commission.