Plone Foundation Board for 2010-2011

Plone Foundation Board Members for 2010-2011.

  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker (Fortville, Indiana) - President - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Six Feet Up, Inc., a WEBNC certified Women's Business Enterprise based in the United States of America that specializes in Plone and Python-based development, hosting and deployment. Six Feet Up hosts the site and has led numerous Plone Tune-ups since the summer of 2008. This is Calvin's second term on the board.

  • Matt Hamilton (Bristol, UK) - Vice President - Technical Director, Netsight Internet Solutions a Plone development company based in Bristol, UK.  He is generally involved in Plone consulting on scalability, authentication and integration of Plone in the enterprise.  He organised the Plone performance sprint in Bristol in 2008.  Matt also served on the founding board of the Plone Foundation. This is Matt's fourth term on the board.

  • Geir Bækholt (Tønsberg, Norway) - Geir Bækholt is managing director of Jarn (the Norwegian Plone consultancy formerly known as Plone Solutions). He is has been part of Plone since its inception, and does both software development and organisational work and manages the multinational team of Plone core developers that make out the Jarn crew. He arranged the 2006 Archipelagosprint and assisted in the planning of the Plone Conference 2007. This is Geir's fifth term on the Plone Foundation board.  He is immediate past president of the board.

  • Mark Corum (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA) - Mark works at the University of Virginia, where he is involved in web development, design and instruction. His background includes marketing for some of America's largest companies, dozens political campaigns, and stints as a journalist, research engineer, consultant and graphic designer. Mark manages marketing and evangelism for Plone. This is Mark's second term on the board.

  • Alexander Limi (San Francisco, California, USA) - Alexander Limi is one of Plone's original founders, and combines the kind of good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, and raw animal magnetism that only come from writing his own biography. He works at Mozilla in Mountain View, California. Limi is the all-hands person in the Plone project, and is also responsible for keeping the user experience and visual layout consistent and easy to use — as well as herding the cats known as the Plone community.  He has served on the Plone Foundation board since its inception in 2004.

  • Steve McMahon (Davis, California, USA) - Secretary - Steve is a partner in Reid-McMahon, LLC, a Plone consultancy specializing in work with non profits. He also does extensive volunteer work with the Davis Community Network. This is Steve's fourth term on the board.

  • Jon Stahl (Seattle, Washington, USA) - Jon Stahl works at Groundwire, a nonprofit organization that provides technology and communications strategy assistance to environmental nonprofits. Since 2005, Groundwire has launched over 170 Plone sites, hosted Plone Conference 2006, and is an active contributor to the Plone community. Jon is a past president of the board.

Non-voting member

  • Toby Roberts (Houston, Texas, USA) - Treasurer - Toby works at Enfold Systems, a Plone consulting firm.  He has served as the Plone Foundation Treasurer since 2004.