Thanks to the Founders

Credit and thanks to those who helped make the Plone Foundation launch possible.

The Foundation would like to thank those who have worked to make its launch possible. This includes our founding Board of Directors, our first corporate partner, Computer Associates, and legal counsel. In addition, many people played significant roles in the planning and implementation of the Foundation.

(in alphabetical order)

  • Jules Allen (Porter Novelli Interactive): assistance with logistics of the announcement and the press release.
  • Robert Boulanger (Blue Dynamics): helping organize the discussion on the contributor agreement.
  • Joel Burton (Porter Novelli Interactive & Independent): assistance with logistics of the announcement, press release, working with corporate sponsor, and initial Plone Foundation site.
  • Simon Eisenman: Technical support.
  • Paul Everitt (Zope Europe): for providing critical work and talent on many legal, community, sponsorship, and marketing details. - **Justin Giardina**: administrative technical support and hosting.
  • Matt Hamilton (Netsight): helping with press issues, and for organizing a extranet for the Foundation discussions.
  • Mitch Kapor (Open Source Applications Foundation): providing advice and experience to Alan early in the process.
  • Alexander Limi (Plone co-founder; Plone Solutions): tremendous work in community communication, marketing, and other areas.
  • Mark Murphy (Tyrell): providing advice to the formation group on procedures.
  • Barry Reicherter (Porter Novelli Interactive): helping with the marketing strategy, and being available at the launch announcement as a corporate advocate of Plone.
  • Alan Runyan (Plone co-founder; Enfold Systems): amazing amounts of dedication to this initiative, including significant work in every area. Primary contact person for corporate sponsor.
  • Cory Wright: Administrative and technical support.