Renewal of Plone Foundation Membership for 2007-2008

Time to renew membership has come. The renewal process is described.

To the members of the Plone Foundation,

The bylaws of the foundation state that each member needs to renew his membership each year in order to keep it for another year.

The foundation must give a period of thirty days to allow for this renewal.

This period starts at the moment of the publication of this text both on and on the membership mailing list. It will end on 2007-10-03 at midnight.

Any member that will not have renewed will go to emeritus status. He will need to apply again for membership and go through the application process in order to be full member again.

The way to renew your membership is the following :

  1. Log in,
  2. Find your member object. One way is to use advanced search and to specify your name in the title and "Foundation Member" as content type. Another way is to look in
  3. Use the "Renew" transition from the workflow dropdown (menu).

If everything goes well, you will get a message in the view stating "Member renewed for 2008".

If you have any problem, please contact Hanno or myself for help.

The board will explain the elections process later.

I hope to meet many of you in Naples.

Godefroid Chapelle
Plone Foundation Membership Committee

PS: Even though the Board renewed systematically for 2006-2007 all members that had forgotten to renew in September 2006, it will not be the case for 2007-2008.