Plone IRC Superstar Contest Winners

Congratulations to David Glick and Rob Porter, our amazing IRC superstars!

The Plone Foundation and PloneBootcamps are pleased to announce the results of our first-ever "Plone IRC Superstar" contest. The contest honors the world-class support available, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, in our online support channel at #plone.

We had many nominations for the award from the community--a great sign of the people who help others in our channel. We want to offer congratulations to everyone listed as a nominee:

  • Alex Clark (IRC nickname: aclark)
  • David Glick (davisagli)
  • Josh Johnson (jjmojojjmojo)
  • Andreas Jung (MacYET)
  • Mikko Ohlamaa (Moo)
  • Rob Porter (robzone)
  • Israel Saeta (dukebody)

Our panel of judges evaluated these nominations and, using our observation of #plone, has awarded our superstar award to:

  • David Glick. David, a Plone developer and integrator at ONE/NW in Seattle, Washington, was recognized by his nominator and by the judges for his clear technical support and willingness to jump in. Particularly, as one of our most technically-accomplished core contributors, David's help in #plone is critical to providing support for other advanced integrators and developers.

Our first-place runner up is:

  • Rob Porter. Rob, a developer, integrator, and trainer at Penn State University, is part of the fabled Weblion Team--bringing Plone to many departments at PSU. Rob was particularly credited for his willingness to help out with theming questions and other integrator questions. We especially appreciate how he answers some of the most frequently asked questions in a cheerful and welcoming way.

Special recognition goes to Mikko Ohlamaa, who was very close to tie for our first-place runner up.

As our first place winner, David would receive our grand prize: $1,000 in travel to Hungary and conference admission for Plone Conference 2009 in Budapest. However, since his admission and travel is already being sponsored by a generous grant to the Foundation from Open Society Institute, he has graciously accepted a suggestion to swap prizes with our runner-up prize. Therefore, David will receive our runner-up prize (free admission into any PloneBootcamps Plone training course), and Rob will receive our grand prize, travel stipend and conference admission.

We'd like to thank everyone that helped with this project:

  • the Plone Foundation Board of Directors
  • PloneBootcamps, donors of both our grand prize and runner-up prize, represented on the project by Joel Burton
  • All of our judges: Joel Burton (joelburton), Chris Calloway (cbcunc), Steve McMahon (SteveM), Jon Stahl (jonstahl), and Matthew Wilkes (matthewwilkes)
  • Everyone who nominated an IRC superstar

Congratulations, David and Rob!