Plone Foundation Membership Vote: Framework Components Relicensing Policy

Plone Foundation members are invited to vote on the proposed Framework Components Relicensing Policy. Voting is open until 11:59PM GMT, May 17th.

As many of you know, we've been working on a process for allowing the relicensing of a limited set of of Plone's framework components under an alternative license to the GPL in order to facilitate re-use by our peers in the Zope and Python communities.

The Plone Foundation board has drafted a policy proposal, many of you have offered discussion and feedback (thanks!), we've revised the proposal and gotten advice from the Software Freedom Law Center.  (They have no major concerns.)

We are now ready to bring a formal proposal to a vote by the Plone Foundation membership.

There is only one significant change from the draft we circulated to you earlier this year; after an excellent discussion (thanks to all of you who participated), there was a clear sentiment in favor of using BSD as our alternative license instead of LGPL, and so the final draft reflects this.

Please review a the final relicensing proposal and its accompanying FAQ at:

Then, please vote at:

Only current Plone Foundation members are eligible to vote.  Voting will remain open until Sunday, May 17 11:59pm GMT.

Technically, this is an advisory vote, which the Plone Foundation board will confirm at its next regular meeting; this is because our bylaws don't allow us to have a binding membership vote outside of our annual meeting unless we call a special meeting, which requires rather burdensome administrative procedures.  However, the board is committed to standing by the results of the advisory vote.

We're really excited to be bringing this proposal forward, we hope it will foster an even deeper collaboration between the Plone community and our friends in the wider Zope and Python communities.

A special thanks to Martin Aspeli and Wichert Akkerman, who identified the need and championed the idea.

On behalf of the board,
Jon Stahl
President, Plone Foundation