Plone Foundation Elects New Board

The Plone Foundation membership, as part of our annual conference, has elected the Board of Directors for 2005-2006.

The newly elected board is (in alphabetical order): - Jodok Batlogg - Joel Burton - Geoff Davis - Alexander Limi - Alan Runyan - Ben Saller - Munwar Sharif Thanks to everyone who put their time and energy into their board candidancies. We had a very strong, and very competitive slate of candidates. The new board has not yet selected it's officers, so (for a short period), the existing officers will stay in their roles. These are: - Chair: Joel Burton - Vice Chair: Alexander Limi - Secretary: Geoff Davis - Treasurer: Alan Runyan - Asst Treasurer: Mark Murphy A special thanks goes out to: Spanky, Godefroid, and Paul, for their work in counting and certifying the election results.