Foundation Board Elected

At its first annual membership meeting, the Foundation elected its board.

The board elections held online and at the Vienna conference are over. The elected board members are: - Joel Burton, "Independent" (USA) - Alexander Limi, "Plone Solutions": (Norway) - Alan Runyan, "Enfold Systems": (USA) - Geoff Davis, "Independent": (USA) - Jodok Batlogg, "Telesis": (Austria) - Robert Boulanger, "Blue Dynamics": (Austria)) - Christian Heimes, "Independent": (Germany) The board also includes three members that are non-elected positions (information on these "special seats":/foundation/newsitems/special_seats): - Mark Barrenechea, "Computer Associates": (USA) - Sam Greenblatt, "Computer Associates": (USA) - Porter Novelli Representative, "Porter Novelli": (USA) (Advisory Seat) At an initial board meeting of the new board, elections were held for board positions. The results are: - President: Joel Burton - Vice President: Alexander Limi - Treasurer: Alan Runyan - Secretary: Geoff Davis Paul Everitt will continue serving at the Foundation's Executive Director, and Mark Murphy will continue serving as the Foundation's Assistant Treasurer.