Foundation Board Elected

by pupq — published 2016/04/29 17:23:31 GMT+0, last modified 2016-04-30T00:38:18+00:00
At its first annual membership meeting, the Foundation elected its board.
The board elections held online and at the Vienna conference are over. The elected board members are: - Joel Burton, "Independent" (USA) - Alexander Limi, "Plone Solutions": (Norway) - Alan Runyan, "Enfold Systems": (USA) - Geoff Davis, "Independent": (USA) - Jodok Batlogg, "Telesis": (Austria) - Robert Boulanger, "Blue Dynamics": (Austria)) - Christian Heimes, "Independent": (Germany) The board also includes three members that are non-elected positions (information on these "special seats":/foundation/newsitems/special_seats): - Mark Barrenechea, "Computer Associates": (USA) - Sam Greenblatt, "Computer Associates": (USA) - Porter Novelli Representative, "Porter Novelli": (USA) (Advisory Seat) At an initial board meeting of the new board, elections were held for board positions. The results are: - President: Joel Burton - Vice President: Alexander Limi - Treasurer: Alan Runyan - Secretary: Geoff Davis Paul Everitt will continue serving at the Foundation's Executive Director, and Mark Murphy will continue serving as the Foundation's Assistant Treasurer.