A Sprint is a focused development session lasting anywhere from a day to a week, in which developers pair off together and focus on building a particular subsystem of Plone.
Berlin Strategic Sprint
May 16, 2016 to May 20, 2016

This sprint will be a follow up of Alpine City Strategic sprint 2016 and continue the work on topics like Zope, ZCatalog improvements, Python 3 and more. For more information have a look at the coactivate-page and register there, if you want to participate.

Plone.org Sprint
Apr 25, 2016 to May 02, 2016 State College, PA, USA,

To finish and launch the new Plone.org site

Barcelona Strategic Sprint 2016
May 14, 2016 to May 22, 2016 Barcelona,

The sprint will focus on working in the Plone REST API (plone.restapi) implementation.

Mephisto Sprint Leipzig 2016
Sep 05, 2016 to Sep 09, 2016 Leipzig, Germany,

September 5 - 9, which will focus on improving the TTW flexibility & hackability of Plone