Extend Plone's Power with Add-Ons

Plone can be easily extended with add-ons, which you can find on the Python Packaging Index (PyPI).

Popular Add-ons

A community-curated list of of awesome Plone add-ons is on:

https://github.com/collective/awesome-plone#contents Add-ons for the Plone 6 backend

https://github.com/collective/awesome-volto Add-ons for the Plone 6 frontend

You can find add-ons for the following categories:

Curated Lists

At previous conferences lists of the best Plone add-ons were created:





Finding Add-ons

Released Plone add-ons are available at the Python Package Index (PyPI), which is a repository of software for the Python programming language. Follow these links to search for add-ons with queries while filtering the results by Plone version.

Using and Creating Add-ons

Use Plone's extensive documentation and tutorial training guides to learn:

Join other Plone add-on developers for discussions in our developer mailing list and in our discussion forum, where you'll find topics on add-on development, customizing and theming.