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Everything you need to install Plone and its add-ons

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Plone comes with everything you need to get started building your site, whether a simple one with a dozen pages, a multi-departmental one with a demanding information architecture, or an intranet requiring login and multiple permission levels.

Before installing Plone, please review its system requirements and the installation guide.

Get Plone 5.0 (stable)

Get Plone 4.3 (old-stable)

The Plone community and the plone security team will always support the two most current major releases.

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Extending Plone's Power

Plone can be easily extended by downloading add-ons. See our essential add-ons list and the complete set of Plone add-ons, and how to install add-ons in your site.

You can also learn how to create your own add-ons with our extensive documentation and tutorial training guides.

Join other Plone add-on developers for discussions in our developer mailing list and in our discussion forum, where you'll find topics on add-on development as well as customizing and theming.

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Plone is continually being developed. Add-on developers and the curious can preview upcoming features and changes, by trying out our development releases

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Looking for older releases of Plone? View our complete set of releases.

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