Installers Team

Packaging Plone is the responsibility of the Installers Team. This team also works on approachability issues.


The Installers Team is responsible for packaging Plone for different platforms. It also works on skeleton generators and template add ons.

Existing Installers

Plone is available in different packaging:

  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Unified Installer (complete source kit for Linux/BSD/OS X and Unix variations) (Soon to be deprecated)


  • Steve McMahon (SteveM) (emeritus BDFL)
  • Alin Voinea (avoinea)
  • Érico Andrei (ericof)
  • Jens Klein (jensens)
  • Silvio Tomatis (silviot)
  • T. Kim Nguyen (tkimnguyen)


Members of the Installers Team can be found in Discord, in the Plone forum (, and at the mailing list below.

Bug Reports

To report bugs on Plone installers use the Github issue tracker:

  • Check if the bug was not reported before
  • Create a new ticket on Github issue tracker
  • Modify the newly created ticket and assign the component to Installer