Framework Team

Framework Team is responsible for recommending code for inclusion in a Plone release. They are responsible for evaluating major changes from UI to code and making sure that PLIP implementors have what they need to get things done.


The Framework Team is loosely managed by the release manager. The goal is to make every Plone release better than the one before.

In the release cycle, they drive the PLIP (Plone Improvement Proposal) process. The voting members do the formal duty of collecting information from the community about PLIP's offered for review, and making the formal decision by voting whether to recommend them to the release manager. Significant changes in Plone such as versioning must go through the Framework team.

The Plone Community is still responsible for adding new features and submitting/patching bugs. The Framework team is only responsible for accepting/rejecting PLIPs, and providing guidance for implementation of those PLIPs.

Team members

  • Alin Voinea
  • Maik Derstappen
  • Rodrigo Ferreira de Souza
  • Silvio Tomatis
  • Timo Stollenwerk

Release manager: Eric Steele

Plone Foundation Board Liaison: Jens Klein


Discussion Board: own category Core Development/ Framework Team on

GitHub: Use @plone/framework-team to mention this team in issues, pull requests and comments.

Mailing List: If you need to contact the Framework Team (e.g. requesting a sprint be declared strategic), send an email to

IRC: They also regularly available in "#plone-framework" IRC channel. Participation from non Framework Team contributors is welcomed.



Who can join the team?

Anyone who wants to review code and is interested in actively participating with shaping the technical vision of Plone's future. Read further how to do it!

How/when are the voting members chosen?

Voting members are then chosen arbitrarily on a rigorous criterion of general interest, recent contribution and who the former voting members thought would do a good job.

When do they meet?

The Framework Team has a bi-weekly hangout conference call.

What happens in the meetings?

The Framework Team does it's best to take notes at meetings. All of the notes are open and can be found at and on their Google Drive.

Sounds groovy! How can I participate?

Thought you would never ask... the new voting member probably have some ideas, but here are some broad strokes that go from early in the release cycle to late:

  • Participate in / start technical discussions of possible PLIPs on plone-devel (preferably with prototype code). This also includes discussions of use-cases and end-user needs. The PLIP Process is defined in glorious detail for you to see what we do all day.
  • Participate in discussions of refining development process and codification of developer best practices.
  • As PLIP's come in, help plippers prepare their code for review.
  • As PLIP's get ready for review, review code and report your findings to the voting members.
  • Take off your framework-team hat and help get that release out!

If after this the experience moves you, and you want to bear the responsibility of voting and encouraging others to review code, we encourage you to contact a current member of the team and talk to them about joining, or subscribe to the mailing list above an write an informal e-mail to the list explaining your motivation.