Why Plone for Edu?

Plone is the perfect CMS to use in an educational institution

Every academic institution is unique, but they have some common needs when it comes to their websites. Needs that Plone meets brilliantly.


There are two things about security : 1) the risk to your site and your reputation and 2) the cost of deploying security updates. Plone excels on both counts. Because vulnerabilities in Plone occur rarely, compared with other web solutions, you can focus on your work with confidence - and your system administrator will appreciate the extra time.


Large or small, Plone provides an elegant solution for your school or department's web development needs, or for small research projects. And it's easy to integrate with external sources of user information, like LDAP.


For public entities such as schools, accessibility regulations loom large. With Plone you know that your website is accessible, compliant with both Section 508 and WCAG regulations. The Plone team has been committed to out-of-the-box accessibility since version 1. You shouldn't have to worry about this - you have work to do.

Intranet support

Creating an intranet on your Plone site is simple - we have a workflow for that! It provides states for public, private, and internally published content, with a robust permission system for designating users or groups that can view, edit, or publish content.

Ease of use

"Where's my file?" is a question you should never have to ask when working with your content. Plone comes with an intuitive file structure just like the one you're used to seeing on your computer. With Plone you won't have to guess about where to find your page or which "parent" it has. Simply navigate to the section you want; add or edit your page; make it public and - boom! . . . you're done. You won't have to wade through page after page of listings on an admin panel to find it.


Plone has a built-in  internationalization framework that allows for easy localization of websites.

Free and open source

Plone's price can't be beat, and our community's commitment is strong. People are doing exciting things with Plone.

But there's a story behind every website - read a few Plone-powered success stories.