Conference Committee

The conference committee is responsible for ensuring the success of the annual Plone Conference


The main responsibility of the Conference Committe is to ensure that each year's Plone Conference is successful.

Traditionally, the annual conference is proposed and hosted by a different group each year, usually led by a Plone service provider.

The Conference Committee members include past conference organizers who keep alive the knowledge of how to organize and host the conference, such as what has to be done when, processes, checklists, people and vendors.

The Conference Committee provides continuity to each year's organizing team.

Conference Committee membership is open to interested Plone community members who have experience organizing conferences and sprints.


The Conference Committee is ongoing. For 2023, its members are:

  • T. Kim Nguyen, chair
  • Mikel Larreategi
  • Eneko Astigarraga
  • Lur Ibargutxi
  • Yoaira Garcîa
  • Martin Peeters
  • Víctor Fernández de Alba
  • Érico Andrei
  • Rikupekka Oksanen
  • Kim Paulissen
  • Philip Bauer
  • Paul Roeland
  • Sally Kleinfeldt
  • Jens Klein

Contact details

The preferred channel of communication is the Conference Committee mailing list: