Classic UI Team

The Classic UI Team is responsable for discussing and organizing feature development for the Classic UI frontend, the user interface available since the first Plone release.

Plone 6 Classic UI Demo website:


  • The Classic UI Team meets regularly to discuss features, improvements, PLIPs and issues concerning the the server side rendered HTML frontend that has been part of Plone since its creation. These can be UI/UX related, backend, or functional. The issues are managed through the Classic UI Team Project Dashboard on GitHub.
  • The team memers are the contact point for anybody in and outside the Plone Community who is interested in using the Classic UI.

The Classic UI Team is the complement of the Volto Team, which is responsible for the the Volto frontend of the Plone 6 CMS.

Team members

These community members are currently on the Team. Also check the Team listing on GitHub for an up to date overview.

  • Philip Bauer
  • Gil Forcada Codinachs
  • Maik Derstappen
  • Fred van Dijk
  • Jens Klein
  • Peter Mathis
  • Johannes Raggam
  • Maurits van Rees
  • Steve Piercy

Teamlead: to be decided


Membership is open. To become a member of the Classic UI Team, please contact one of the current members for more information.


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 13:30-14:30 CET (Central European Time) on the Plone Discord server in the 'classic-ui' voice channel.

Discussion and coordination is done on the 'classic-ui' text channel

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are kept in

Meeting Minutes before 09/2023