University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

How the UW Oshkosh streamlined business processes and saved money using Plone

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has been using Plone since 2003 to deploy over 400 web sites, including the university’s main site; all college, departmental, faculty, program, and grant project sites; custom application sites; department and college intranets; the university’s intranet; electronic business processing (forms and workflow) sites. 

UW Oshkosh created add-ons to design and deploy workflow applications that replace cumbersome paper-based processes.  These add-ons were released to the Plone community and are in widespread use around the world.  Each Plone-based workflow application saves the university time, money, and staffing resources, while giving users standard email notifications and one-click status tracking.

UW Oshkosh selected Plone for its rich out-of-the-box functionality, which gives end users and integrators powerful web site features without the need to install many add-ons.  Plone’s impeccable security track record allows UW Oshkosh’s Division of Information Technology the peace of mind, knowing that it will not have to spend inordinate amounts of time, energy, and resources applying large numbers of security patches that other web content management systems require, and that any sensitive data stored on its Plone sites is well-protected from unauthorized access.

UW Oshkosh’s many intranets for departments, colleges, and the university itself are built using Plone’s “Intranet/Extranet workflow”, its fine-grained group management and permissions framework, its ability to use LDAP authentication: all standard features of Plone.

UW Oshkosh is the third largest University of Wisconsin institution, with over 13,000 undergraduates and 1,900 faculty and staff.