How to Ask for Help

Tips on how to ask support questions in the forum

Please use our forum to ask for help from our community volunteers. 

There are also many professional Plone service providers available to help you.

Tips for Asking Support Questions

  • If you are lost, just ask :)
  • Be specific. Tell us:

    • What you are trying to accomplish
    • What the problem is
  • Show traceback errors. Copy and paste the entire traceback error 
  • Post questions to the group. Please do not contact members directly.
  • Be patient Please do not repeat your question — people might be busy or unable to help with your specific problem. Silence doesn't mean we're ignoring you! It means nobody available knows the answer to your question.
  • Be courteous. Avoid CAPS-LOCK, it is interpreted as shouting. And please don't use excessive exclamation (!!!) or question marks (???), it makes you look unprofessional and discourages help. Keep in mind that this is real-time communication and what is said cannot be un-said. 
  • Do not worry if you are not fluent in English. Plone is a global community and people will you questions to explain the problem you're having.
  • Use the examples below to phrase your question in ways people can help you:

    • "Hi! I am trying to install PloneFormGen product, but it does not appear in the add on products list."
    • "When I start Zope in debug mode I get the following log entry. I pasted the log to and here is the link for the log entry"
    • "Hi, I'm using product XYZ on Plone 4.0.1, I have a problem with the feature that is supposed to doABC— I get error BlahBlahError — what might be wrong? Here is a link to the error log on">"