Internationalization Team

The Internationalization Team is responsible for the translation of Plone and add-on products

The Team is formed by the people that helps translate Plone. There is no formal team meeting or membership guidelines.

There's always a need for translators, the most up-to-date list of team members (and translation vacancies) is available on GitHub.

Team Lead

Mikel Larreategi (erral)

His work is too coordinate the releases, rebuild the translation PO files, do some coordination work and represent the Team at the Steering Circle meetings.

Joining/Creating a new translation

If you want to join an existing Plone Translation Team or create one for a language that isn't translated yet, post a new message in the community forum at

If you have comments or remarks for your language please contact the translator(s), post a message in the community forum or open a new issue on GitHub.

Information for Users

If you have found a misspelling in a translation or have a suggestion how a translation could be improved, submit a new ticket in our GitHub translation issue tracker. If the translation team of your preferred language is not listed, try to contact the last translator directly. You can find information about the translators on the existing translations page.

Information for Translators

If you want to translate Plone into your language, please look at the following:

Former translators (not updated)

Name (IRC nickname)

  • JC Brand (jcbrand)
  • Jean Jordaan (neaj)
  • Lidia Esparraguera (lidia)
  • Radim Novotny (naro)
  • Jacob Johst Christensen (johst)
  • Jan Ulrich Hasecke (juh)
  • Alberto Serrano (aserrano)
  • Leonardo Caballero (macagua)
  • Mikel Larreategi (erral)
  • Jukka Ojaniemi (pingviini)
  • Ofer Weisglass (oferw)
  • Balazs Ree (ree)
  • Giorgio Borelli (gborelli)
  • Takeshi Yamamoto (tyam)
  • Dimitar Bojchev (dimitardk)
  • Maurits van Rees (maurits)
  • Geir Baekholt (elvix)
  • Andre Nogueira (andren)
  • Pavel Petlinskiy
  • Andrej Pangercic (andrejpan)
  • Karl Johan Kleist (kleist)
  • H. Turgut Uyar (uyar)
  • Thanh-Hai, Ha (thanhhai)
  • Jian Aijun (jianaijun)
  • TsungWei Hu (marr)