Plone 1.0 RC2 installer for Mac OS X

Mac OS X users: an up to date installer for Plone 1.0 RC2 is now available on the download page.

This installer does not feature the Mac OS X Zope Controller found in the beta 1 installer, but a version with that controller may land soon. "Download Plone": This version includes Zope 2.6.0, CMF 1.3, Plone 1.0 RC2, and all the products found in the RC2 installer for Windows. The installer sets up Zope and Plone, creates a user account for running Zope with, and installs an entry in the StartupItems folder so that Plone can run as a background service/daemon. The included ReadMe file contains complete instructions for getting started. Enjoy! *Jim Roepcke, Tyrell Software* Note: The installer was updated at 19:50 GMT on 24 January. The installation would fail at the very end if the target system didn't have a /Library/StartupItems directory. If this happened to you, just copy /Applications/Plone/StartupItems to the /Library folder, and you're all done.