Minutes for April 17, 2014

Installer sprint funding, Updates

Minutes for April 3, 2014

New foundation members, PloneGovBr sprint funding, sprint reports

Minutes for August 21, 2014

Zidanca budget increased, PyCon 2015 preparations

Minutes for August 7, 2014

Zidanka sprint made strategic; EuroPython report; planning for fall.

Minutes for December 11, 2014

Mockup relicensing; membership survey preparations; ambassadors reappointed; discussion of goals for board term.

Minutes for December 23, 2014

Special discussion with Guests on possible Strategic Summit, Executive Director

Minutes for February 20, 2014

Documentation, Beer & Wine, London Community sprint funding; sprint reports; Plone advisors/ambassadors

Minutes for February 6, 2014

Sponsorship program, 2014 budget adopted, PSM financing arrangements, Plone Ambassadors

Minutes for January 23, 2014

Emerald sprint & PSM financing; Google Summer of Code; Budget; CMS Gardens

Minutes for January 9, 2014

CMS Garden participation and funding; Stroopwafel and Cathedral sprint funding; budget progress; new conflict of interest policy.

Minutes for July 10, 2014

Speaker funding, sprint sponsorship, Community Code of Conduct complaint and action, new Foundation members.

Minutes for June 11, 2014

Progress reviews. No new business.

Minutes for June 26, 2014

Progress reports, PSM report out, CMS Critic's Choice Nominations

Minutes for March 6, 2014

CMS Day France; World Plone Day; Google Summer of Code; Europython; Membership Committee;

Minutes for May 1, 2014

Possible marketing intern; PLOG reports; Plone Conferences 2014 & 2015; Release manager travel stipend

Minutes for May 15, 2014

Licensing questions, PloneConf preparation

Minutes for May 29, 2014

Marketing materials repository; Plone Conference

Minutes for November 13, 2014

Election of officers; choices for unofficial roles; agendas for the new term

Minutes for November 26, 2014

Membership committee appointed; Plone Symposium Tokyo; Strategic Planning Summit; Mockup licensing

Minutes for October 16, 2014

Preparations for PloneConf, PloneConf 2015

Minutes for October 2, 2014

Plone Conf 2014 preparation and 2015 consideration; preparation for end of term.

Minutes for September 18, 2014

Conference, end-of-term preparations; GSOC mentor summit; 2015 Conference proposals

Minutes for September 4, 2014

Plone Conference progress update; GSOC Mentors' Summit; PyCon 2015 representation.